Eco Hottie Cover with Natural Rubber Hot Water Bottle 'Headphones'


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Whether it's a cozy Sunday afternoon you seek, or defense against a touch of pain - this is the hottie for you. Tonic & Cloth brings you tailored comfort and style without compromise. Beautifully packaged - they make great NZ-made gifts for loved ones. 

This Eco Hottie Cover is made from organic cotton and bamboo. It's Eco screen printed with a design which evokes a feeling of wellness - from Wellington-based artist Courtney Williams. 

Designed and made in New Zealand.

The packaging contains renewable and sustainable resources. Yes, even the 'window' will decompose happily in your compost. After use the entire package can be composted and returned to the earth, saving landfill and enhancing our environment. The swing tags are printed on recycled card.